Denim and Diamonds

“Hey Kingston, wait up!” The yell could be heard clearly over the laughter and conversations filling the halls of Bethel High School.

Instead of heeding the call, Logan Kingston laughed and increased his pace, expertly dodging kids, stacks of books on the floor, locker doors, and other obstacles in his path. He reached his destination seconds before his pursuer, who announced his arrival with a punch to Logan’s shoulder.

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Merlin and Morgana dream scene

Morgana dreams.

Unlike her previous visions, so full and fragmented with people, places, things, this one is sharp and clear.

She stands in a cavern, impossibly high, one that should have been cold and dark and shadowed but for the bluish-white light emitting softly from the thousands of crystals that cover nearly every available surface.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” The voice is tenor, medium tone.

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Summer Rain: 03

Maya was curled up in the chair with her back to the door, absently flipping through and art history book, when someone lightly tugged on a curl of her hair.

“Shawn!” She exclaimed, jumping up to greet him with an impulsive hug that left them both stuttering and awkward as they sat down.

He settled in, fixing her with a look, and waited.

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